•20k sqm closed area / 32k sqm total plant area

•7k sqm totally closed depot area

•6 Extrusion Lines 

•9 Thermoforming Lines

•40k tons of raw material proceeding annually

•3mio of products per day is our current output performance.

•High tech extrusion lines. Bandera and Union brand

•Approx. 80 tons material per day proceed

•Mono PET sheets extrusion with the motto of make freshness visible.

•PET Film production is not only for internal usage but also for export network more than 7 countries with tailor made packaging and labeling options are available.

•High QA/QC criterias are applicable to monitor processes.

Company Policy

  1. Maintaining leadership  in our own branch with quality, reliable, hygienic products and services.
  2. Maintaining leadership in our own branch by producing safe, legal, quality and authentic products in accordance with the requirements of the BRC Packaging standard.
  3. Considering national and international legislation, customer requests and environmental conditions at every stage of production and service.
  4. Keeping customer satisfaction at the maximum level and ensuring its continuity by determining and meeting customer demands and expectations on time with quality products and the service we provide.
  5. In order to compete in quality and price and to ensure continuous improvement in the whole sector, to give importance to trainings regarding food legislation and standards, especially our own personnel and suppliers, and to create resources for these works.
  6. Establishing strong communication with suppliers and other business stakeholders in order to compete in quality and price.
  7. To ensure continuous development with trained personnel who has team spirit and to continuously improve our service by considering teamwork understanding as the key elements of our company, to organize trainings for this purpose and to increase the culture of product safety,
  8. To work for the continuous improvement of occupational safety and working conditions of all personnel.
  9. To manage every stage of production in accordance with the understanding of food safety management system.
  10. To follow up the corrective and preventive actions.
  11. To obey and apply cleaning and hygiene rules.
  12. To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve our system established under these conditions.
  13. Keeping our workplace and environment clean at all times and being environmentally friendly, believing that protecting nature is our main duty.

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